Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Using Dry Ice to Keep Perishables Preserved

Hunting down an elk should be exciting for you but the very next thing to be worried about is to ship your trophy, precisely its meat, to your place. The risk majorly involves spoilage of meat, nullifying your hunting efforts. So, following the safety precautions in order to preserve meat, while being transported, is important.

It’s not just the uncooked meat that needs preservation. Same kind of preservation is needed when you send cooked meals across the country.

What we need is avoiding the spoilage, and for that we need to ensure that food remains frozen throughout the transportation process. Dry ice or frozen gel packs can be used in this regard.

There are considerations regarding securing perishable foods using dry ice and frozen gel. Some of them are worth mentioning here.

Buying gel freezer or dry ice packs
Both these products can be found at butcher shops and grocery stores. You can also get both these freezer packs from UPS stores.

What is appropriate for meat to be shipped?
Both dry ice and gel freezer can be used for shipping meat. Dry ice doesn’t get dampened, whereas the frozen gel does upon melting. Dry ice doesn’t last for long but freezer gel does. Nevertheless, gel freezer has an upper hand because there is no restriction regarding its amount that you can add in the package.

Best way to pack meat along with freezer packs
Styrofoam boxes are among the appropriate packaging supplies that can be used in this regard. The ideal way is to make a layer of freezer packs in the base of the box. Them put the meat and then form another layer upon the meat. Seal the box’s lid to disallow the passage of air. This arrangement should keep the freezer packs functional and meat frozen for a long time.

Shipping option for meat and perishable foods
The duration in which freezing arrangement remains effective may way with the type of packing. Nevertheless, the most effective arrangement can keep the foods frozen for no more than 3 days. Hence, the foods and meat should be delivered in no more than a day. For that purpose, UPS Next Day Air is the appropriate shipping option because this service delivers packages the next day after being dispatched. To be on the safer side, add more freezer packs to enhance duration of preservation.

Handling the dry ice
Dry ice is even cooler, so safety precautions should be followed while handling. Extreme temperatures can leave burns on the skin. Thus, using the gloves is recommended.

Other recommendations
Make sure that the box doesn’t allow any movement of the contents inside. For that purpose, fill the gaps with the help of bubble wrap. The advantage of filling the empty space is that the cooling would be contained. Furthermore, you can use the mix of dry ice and gel freezer packs.